W.H.O chief politicizes relief needs in Tigray ignoring TPLFs crimes in Amhara and Afar


W.H.O. Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom, the Director-General and member of the executive committee of the terrorist TPLF, in his recent interview with Al- Arabia lamented that the international community is not responding to the crisis in Tigray.

However, denying the real truth that terrorist TPLF is the main culprit that caused the exacerbation of the relief situation in Tigray, he deliberately failed to comment on the crimes that his organization has committed in Amhara and Afar regions by destroying the entire health service and facilities in the two regions. The conspiracy-ridden interview by the Director is just another round of propaganda war and his futile attempt to hide the inhuman on the people of Ethiopia and has time and again meddled into the internal affairs of Ethiopia remaining deaf and blind to the unprecedented destruction and devastation that terrorist TPLF has conducted on public and private health facilities putting at risk the lives of millions of Ethiopians in Amhara and Afar Regions.

Facts on the ground show that terrorist TPLF has confiscated more than one thousand heavy-duty trucks that were contracted by WFP using them for transporting its human wave of fighters who raped women and girls, indiscriminately killed hundreds of youth and farmers and conducted lootings on private and public properties.

 The W.H.O director has information on the fact that terrorist TPLF has destroyed more than 7000 health institutions and facilities in Amhara and Afar regions but in a recent media meeting conducted, he propagandized on the plight of the citizens in Tigray lamenting:

“Nowhere in the world are we witnessing a hell as in Tigray,” Tedros said.

He doubled down on his remark in a Tweet on Thursday: “People in Tigray, Ethiopia, living under de facto blockade for over a year, are dying from lack of medicine & food, & repeated drone attacks. WHO & partners call for safe, unimpeded access to deliver humanitarian aid to the millions of people in great need. We need access now!”

As a leader of a global health service provider, Dr Tedros Adhanom was expected to condemn the savage atrocities and unprecedented rampage of rape conducted on women including 80 years old nuns and children under the age of ten. The Director-General who served as a Minister of Health of Ethiopia will have no lack of knowledge on the dire needs of the people of Ethiopia in terms of health services and no other person except him could deeply understand the tragic consequences that destruction of health institutions in the Amhara and Afar regions particularly on children their mothers as well as those who suffer from chronic diseases that need close supervision.

Instead of focusing on his global mandate on issues of health and disaster-related health  issues, the Director-General is focused on ethnic-based politicking that does not tally with his oath of professional service as a physician.

A couple of days back Al-Arabia English issued an excerpt from the interview it conducted with Dr Tedros Adhanom in which it stated that “WHO’s chief said on Wednesday the blockade on the Tigray region in war-ravaged Ethiopia preventing access to deliver food and medicine has created “hell” and described the situation as an “insult to humanity”.

“We have approached the prime minister’s office; we have approached the foreign ministry; we have approached all relevant sectors, but no permission,” Tedros told reporters.

The savage activities conducted on health facilities in Tigray is true “an insult to humanity”. deliberately twisting facts and the trend of events, the trends of events Tedros accused the government of a blockage for which terrorist TPLF is responsible. This has time and again been confirmed by all UN systems operating in Ethiopia particularly the WFP which has issued official reports to the UN on the matter.

Contrary to what the Director-General was trying to depict, it was the terrorist TPLF that has looted USAID and UNICEF warehouses using the food meant for malnourished children in Tigray for its fighters. This has been confirmed by the concerned organization with full and official reports.

The mandate of Dr Tedros encompasses the entire world including Ethiopia and the two regional states of Amhara and Afar whose health facilities and structures were destroyed by the terrorist organization. Regrettably enough, it is no secret that the terrorist group has destroyed hospitals, clinics, health centres in both regions. However, in his interview, the Director-General did not utter a word on these destructive bonanzas clearly showing his support for a terrorist organization almost endorsing its actions. Is this not “an insult on humanity?”

Dr Tedros was trying to hide the truth about the savage actions of terrorist TPLF ignoring the plight and suffering of millions in Amhara and Afar who are the victims of “ an insult to humanity” triggered by terrorist TPLF.

Al-Arabiya added “He even compared the Ethiopian conflict to the one in Syria and Yemen: “Humanitarian access even in conflict is the basics. Even in Syria, we have access, during the worst of conflicts in Syria. In Yemen, the same, we have access.

 We deliver medicine. Here [in Tigray] nothing, it’s a complete blockade.” The bitter truth is, it was the terrorist group who opened the war on the Afar region and blocked the main route and lifeline for the delivery of food from Djibouti and put pushed its people to the brink of starvation and famine. It is difficult to assume that the W.H.O. Director-General is not aware of this.

He added: “I am from that region. I am from Tigray, the northern part of Ethiopia. But I am saying this without any bias… Nowhere in the world will you see a crisis like the one in the northern part of Ethiopia, especially in Tigray.”

“Lack of medicine has a direct impact and people are dying, but lack of food also kills. On top of that, daily drone attacks are killing people… and people are living under constant fear. And you can also imagine how that impacts the people’s mental health,”

In the first place, no drone has attacked civilian areas but focused on military installations and armament depot the terrorist TPLF has secretly prepared over the last 27 years of its terroristic rule on the people of Ethiopia.

What has happened in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia is far worse than what Dr Tedros tried to describe. Terrorist TPLF forces killed hundreds of innocent farmers, the youth in Kombolcha, Dessie, Kobo, Gashena, Gilkoma in Afar, Chena and many other districts in northern Wollo and the Director-General does not recognize this as “an insult on humanity.”

By directly adhering to his ethnic-based biases and deliberate fabrication of the truth, the professional physician turned out to be a very amateurish politician and the worst type at that.

The international community is well aware of the fact that the Government of Ethiopia has rehabilitated 65% of health facilities in Tigray which were used as training centres for the recruits for the terrorist group. The government expended more than 10 billion birrs to purchase food for the people of Tigray covering 75% of the food supply before the unilateral ceasefire and withdrawal of the ENDF from the region.

The narratives and false accusations of the Director-General are his makeup to hide his global responsibility and his chauvinistic attitude towards the citizens affected by the human wave war waged on Amhara and Afar regions by the terrorist TPLF in which is playing a leading role in propaganda and misinformation campaign. The Ethiopian Government had to promptly respond to such accusations,

 In a letter sent to the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to the director’s onslaught, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia stated its objection against the Director-General of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom’s moral, legal and professional standing that threatened WHO’s organizational integrity.

The letter stated that “Although Ethiopia had nominated Dr Tedros for the highest office in the global health body; he has not lived up to the integrity and professional expectations required from his office and position”

“He has been interfering in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, including Ethiopia’s relations with the State of Eritrea, the letter says, adding that he continues as an active member and supporter of TPLF that is designated as a terrorist group by the Ethiopian parliament.”, the letter stated.

The letter denoted that “Dr Tedros uses his office to advance his political interest at the expense of the interest of Ethiopia, despite hopes that he would cease his misconduct eventually.

Dr Tedors encourages the TPLF in his media engagements and celebrates what is presumed to be a military success of the group, besides engaging in a selective outrage where he discriminately addresses the humanitarian concerns in Ethiopia”

A section in the letter indicated that “through his acts, he spread harmful misinformation and compromised whose reputation, independence, and credibility which is evident from his social media postings that openly endorse the terror perpetrated by the TPLF against the Ethiopian people.”

According to the letter, Dr Tedros has abused his position by assigning staff in WHO’s country office in Ethiopia with a task of executing the plot to inflate the emergency level in Ethiopia, from 1.8 million people to 3.8 million, to warrant humanitarian intervention. “This misrepresentation of facts is used to misinform the UN Security Council.”

The letter concluded in a statement calling upon WHO Executive Board to commission an investigation on the Director-General to identify his misconduct and violation of his professional and legal responsibility as provided under the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service, staff rules and regulations of WHO, and Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of WHO.

As stated above, the W.H.O director although mandated to lead the global organization resorted to a commitment to Tigray openly showing his narrow nationalist mentality and total abuse of power.

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