“ Water, white oil of Ethiopia”: Pietro Salini

ADDIS ABABA – Water is the white oil or gas of Ethiopia as the country has not so far explored oil , Webuild (former Salini Impregilo) Chief Executive Officer said.

Speaking at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) power generation commencing ceremony on Sunday , the Chief Executive Officer Pietro Salini said that Ethiopia and WeBuild company have accomplished a lot of projects like GERD together.

“We have changed the capability of Ethiopia’s utilizing water for energy and others together. Although the country has no oil, no gas, the God gave for Ethiopia a special gift (water).” Thus, water is the white oil of Ethiopia.

 The company is an Ethiopian company at the service of Ethiopia as well as Africa, he added. As to him, the Salini and the government faced a lot of difficulties together to come out the project. This project doesn’t come easily.

There have been so many enemies against it. There were difficulties to find capital for its construction as well. “We have done successfully the commencing of the first phase of generating power of 375MW from GERD resisting various challenges and pressures. The sustainability goal of the United Nations is accomplishing the GERD,” he noted.


The   22 February  2022

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