West alarmed by Ethiopia- Eritrea alliance

ADDIS ABABA- Some Western forces are alarmed by the new political dynamics which Ethiopia and Eritrea have created in the Horn of Africa and consider the partnership as a great threat for their interest in the strategic region, Eritreanbased independent journalist said.

Appeared in the Going Underground program of the Russian Television network RT, the independent journalist Thomas Mountain stated that CIA is fully aware of how critical the Horn is and that’s why Ethiopia has been in the firing line of the U.S.

since it has moved decisively out of the latter’s sphere of influence. Ethiopia’s close partnership with Eritrea is alarming to the West.

The IMF and the World Bank are on their ways to control African economies and by controlling economies, they have made every attempt to control each government thereby turning the continent into place of beggars. Eritrea is saying no for such a neocolonialism approach, Mountain added.

“If Ethiopia follows the Eritrean footsteps of independence, nationalizing the land, getting away from these predatory loans and starting to work more with China, it is going to be a role model for the rest of Africa.”

As to him, Ethiopia’s firm stance and setting up a role model for Africa is also a major threat for EU’s growing dominance in the continent and may trigger some EU member states’ strong opposition towards Ethiopia’s reformist leader. Now, the U.S.

doesn’t have that much economic influence in Africa, but the Europeans’ high standard of living is dependent on the super exploitation of African resources.

“The EU could not maintain this high standard of living and provide quality education, health care and other services if they couldn’t continue to rip off Africa.” The West doesn’t want Africa to be selfsufficient and it puts maximum control on African governments with a view to sustaining the exploitation of resources.

“But, the most important thing the West should understand is that the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea are fed up with these neocolonialism attempts.”

“TPLF has stolen IMF and World Bank billions and billions dollars of USAID, the WFP and all these European aid billions dollars which they have stashed outside almost assuredly in the city of London banks because we haven’t been able to find any of it in Switzerland.

It has been just massively siphoned off.” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been trying to get some reckoning from the city of London since he came to power in 2018 and they are just stonewalling him, the journalist claimed.


The Ethiopian   19 February  2022

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