West refuses to denounce terrorist TPLF’s latest aggression

ADDIS ABABA– Although the terrorist TPLF clique has been waging a new round of offensive to Amhara and Afar states and obstructing humanitarian access to Tigray, the West has not yet dared to condemn the group’s belligerence, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the United States said.

In a press conference he gave recently, Ambassador Fitsum Arega stated that TPLF capitalized on the decision of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and allied forces not to advance to Tigray and expanded the conflict into the two neighboring states.

Apart from committing henious crimes against civilian population in Amhara and Afar, the terrorist enterprise also blocked operational land route and hampering the delivery of humanitarian aid to Tigray.

“The West, particularly the U.S., UK, WFP, and others have turned blind eye and deaf ear to TPLF’s aggression and are not willing to denounce it despite the fact that they have ample evidence of the raid.

” It is evident that from the beginning, the TPLF has been hindering the delivery of humanitarian assistance by kidnapping aid trucks entering Tigray and looting warehouses.

Ambassador Fitsum further noted that if the West was really concerned about human rights, they would not have chosen to remain silent in the face of such abuses.

The criminal faction is still falsely accusing the Ethiopian government and trying to gain the attention of the international community.

“False allegations are part of TPLF’s longstanding deceiving propaganda.” Despite all these challenges, the federal government is still trying to deliver aid to the Tigray state, he emphasized.


The 12 February 2022

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