West turns to regime castration in Ethiopia: Lawrence Freeman

ADDIS ABABA- Having realized their plan to bring regime change in Ethiopia through the terrorist TPLF is duly failed, the U.S. and its Western allies are now pushing for regime castration under the guise of negotiation, a renowned political analyst Lawrence Freeman said.

Freeman told local Medias that the West’s main goal in the regime’s castration is is suppressing the strong alliance that Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia have formed in the Horn of Africa and controlling the strategic region.

The West is pushing the federal government to negotiate with the TPLF meanwhile their proposal does not include disarming the faction as a prerequisite for the talks. “The idea is to build up a sort of dual power relationship with a weakened central government which is the opposite of Ethiopian needs.

” Noting there was no coup in Ethiopia, the analyst expressed the situation as a ‘hardball’ and revealed his concern that the Ethiopian leadership does not understand what is in store for them and who the enemy is. “If you don’t understand who your enemy is you can’t defend it.

Whether the Ethiopian government understands the situation and prepared or responded to it or not, I offered my thoughts and advice that the country is in a very precarious position right now and my strategy is to know your enemy and fight.

” If the Biden Administration really cares about the politics of its African allies, they could have ended the war in February or March 2021 by forcing the TPLF to lay down arms and give full support and respect to the sovereignty of Ethiopia and its elected government, but they didn’t do that, he elaborated.

Meanwhile, Freeman stressed that the national dialogue has to make maximum efforts to incorporate the views of the people of Ethiopia who have a common aspiration and desire for the peace and development of their country.

The national dialogue should be executed in a manner to ensure the supremacy of law with a view to make Ethiopia a better place for its citizens and the posterity.

“People should bring new ideas. There is no attacking or degrading, dismissing any culture and any people.

This is a country of 115 million people and let’s begin the debate of ideas, policies and how will proceed to great and prosper Ethiopia.” The people of Ethiopia have to realize the policy that is coming from the U.S. and its Western associates.

“From a geopolitical standpoint, those people in London and New York who want to control global politics and commerce want to keep the control they have enjoyed in the TPLF reign.” Through backing the TPLF, the West had the control that they wanted.

When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) came to power in 2018, he changed the situation and restored Ethiopia’s relations with Eritrea and brought a new alliance in the Horn of Africa that also incorporates Somalia, the analyst clarified.


The 11 February 2022

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