Western media deploys spy-ops to demonize patriotic leaders

ADDIS ABABA– The Western media use spy-ops as a gospel truth and amplify it for their interest of war propaganda and psychological warfare, a well-acclaimed journalist said, adding that the former are accustomed to hide history, obscure economic interest and demonize patriotic leaders.

In his interview with Horn of Africa TV, the journalist Elias Amare referred to the five investigation war propaganda patterns that the corporate media uses to create psychological warfare which was originally pointed out by the Belgian media analyst Michelle Colon. The western media, which overlooked TPLF’s 27- year tyranny, now present themselves as human rights advocates.

About the Western media’s obscuring of economic interest, Elias said: “OncePresident Jacques Chirac stated without Africa, France would be a poor third-rate country adding that for every Euro his country has, 60 cents come from Africa: Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Gabon and from all these Francophone Africa.”

The corporate media have also employed the tactic of demonizing patriotic leaders as one way of belittling Africa. “When the global media demonizes an African leader, which means the leaders are doing well for their people and when the Western media demonizes Ethiopia, Africans automatically should say that this is a good leader. Africans must decolonize their mind from the Western propaganda and see these patterns.”

As to him, the global media uses an inverting the victim tactic and making the victim the aggressor and vice versa and this is how they operate in war propaganda and psychological warfare. Total information dominance, as well as monopoly of news coupled with allowing no alternative news or truth, would give the corporate media including CNN, BBC, to dominate the global flow of information.

“Through the 70 billion USD that TPLF stole from Ethiopia and put in Western banks, it also uses it to buy influential reporters. The notorious case is the CNN reporter Nehemiah. She is Sudanese by origin but a blackface doing the dirty work for imperialism’s propaganda network in CNN. She manufactured news and amplified the Tigray genocide, rape of women that never happened in Tigray by Ethiopian soldiers or Eritrean soldiers but because it’s CNN, it is given like credibility,

“They eventually brought some sort of evidence to paint the Ethiopian government as committing atrocities but this is how their so-called ‘humanitarian intervention’ and ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine operates. They manufacture crises and then justify intervention to do what they want to destroy nations or to bring about regime change,” Elias remarked.



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