Western media keeps trademark biased reporting since Adwa

ADDIS ABABA- The Western media has reported the victory of Adwa with biases 126 years ago and its current trend of reporting clearly maintains that bias as a legacy, according to a veteran journalist.

In his recent article to EPA, Solomon Dibaba, a veteran journalist and columnist has assessed reports of the western media since the victory at Adwa.

He indicated that the West media has reported the battle of Adwa “in a rather scanty manner”

In the first place the western media “were unable to go into deeper analysis of the entire situation,” Solomon said, adding they also intentionally used selective words to hide the shameful defeat of the invading Italian Army at Adwa by irregular peasant army of Ethiopia.

He cited the biased reports of The New York Times, London Times,the Tribune,Lloyd’s Weekly newspaper and other media outlets of that time about the battle of Adwa.

Intentionally, they used selective words and phrases to protect the “pride” of the invading army.

They tried to dress the defeated army as honored losers, though the fact was to the opposite. “They have to know the well-armed Italian force was defeated just in a single day by an irregular peasant army.”

According to the writer, the biased bad reporting culture of the Western Press against Africa still continues and has become a normal habit.

Even today, the western media outlets have continued to either under-report or misinform the world about the current developments in Africa.”

“The reports of western media seem to appreciate the neo-colonial machinations of a number of western countries,” Solomon noted, advising Africans to stand for new victory against poverty to supplement their victory at the Battle of Adwa.



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