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A number of reasons would potentially be alluded to why is Ethiopia loathed by the US and the west—global powers, in short. To mention but a few, the following fundamental concepts can presumably be revealed in this regard.

The rise of Ethiopia as well as its firm association with Eritrea and Somalia to create an influential coastal zone has been highly regarded as a threat on the side of US and some western powers. They could hardly garner benefits as much as possible twisting the arms of administration if Ethiopia establishes a strong government which can never serve their interest at the expense of the wellbeing of citizens and country’s national interest and sovereignty.

What Ethiopia has faced peculiarly after the recent reform is a clear manifestation of this crude reality. As of the time its government has shown firm commitment not be a lapdog administration, nations of the world particularly the developed world has exacerbated the tension.

They have developed a sentiment that Ethiopia’s being strong and influential does hold additional threats for them, as history would have it, when Ethiopia does something peculiar targeting at ensuring freedom, peace and independence, other countries of the continent will follow suit and apply in no time taking all the measures this great nation has taken for granted.

Yes, right they are Ethiopia is working day in and day out to lift itself and the whole Africa from the yoke of dependency syndrome and aid waiting mentality despite its virgin resources in all aspects. No one would argue pessimistically if Africa’s affluence in terms of natural resources, mineral deposits and potential agricultural assets are tabled on discussion apart from solidly confirming the truthfulness of the idea.

The barren western and Europe as well as US have developed a green eyed mentality targeting at scrambling Africa citing topsy-turvy reasons via creating havoc, well conspired anti-government and anti-people moves from outside and inside Africa itself, and they have all the time tried to mediate the matter as if they have never known what had happened.For instance, they have tacitly assisted factions and elements hatched to reflect negative ideologies against their mother lands, and orchestrate a plot of coup d’état to set up unconstitutional governments against the will of the mass.

Administrations established in such an illicit manner do have dual features: one, they have wholeheartedly served their masters as they have borrowed their lungs to breath; second, they have irresponsibly exploited all what the people of the land possess to merely fatten personal pockets and recruit their likes. This is an obsolete style that would by no means compatible with the modern thinking born to the 21st mental set up.

Interestingly, the sun of clambering of Africa seems to set in the west indicating that the ill-intention of US and the west is in vain as Africa is well aware of both their hidden agenda and the possible remedy simultaneously.

So long as each and every nation of every continent of the world are cemented with a universal glue known as globalization, it is possible to work, grow and bring about change together entertaining a win-win fashion; but if nations act otherwise, as one is fool and the other is wise, all loopholes are closed here after. All African stated started saying No more neo-imperialism, modern way of colonialism, uninvited meddling and asset vandalism.

Loath of strong Ethiopia

Counties would like to interfere in internal affairs of Ethiopia under the guise of humanitarian assistance, human rights issues and ensuring democracy and peace. As Ethiopia is a very strategic east African domicile and the convenient state of the Red Sea expanse, getting it socially, economically and politically besmirched would help prettily weaken the Horn of Africa in particular and the entire continent in general. Hence, those who have highly regard Ethiopia as one of their threats or foes have left no stone unturned to hit their target as systematically and promptly as possible.

Undoubtedly, Ethiopia has always made, is making and will unequivocally make history as it is a mother of courageous sons and daughters who have never bowed to colonizers and who would like to impose the yoke of oppression on their shoulders. Equally, they have no belongings to reserve for those who would like to respectits freedom, dignity as well as the sovereignty of their country.

That is why it is all the time ed that Ethiopia is always entertaining color blind diplomacy. In clear terms, so long as nations respect its sovereignty, national interest as well as integrity and freedom of its citizens, all countries no matter how where they are located in the globecan set up either bilateral or multilateral ties with it.

The very important point that needs to be underlined here is assisting Ethiopia to grow is buttressing self-prosperity. Hence, any country of the world has to stand by the side of Ethiopia to reap all the social economic and political gains. True, as Africans started working together with Ethiopia, they are expected to beef up what is practically witnessed now.Other nations of the world thus have to follow Africans footsteps to create a better planet suitable to live and work. Creating strong Ethiopia will never be a threat instead it is a pride for Africa as well as the world.

Colonial grudge repercussions

Some westerners and US have inculcated a colonial grudge as Ethiopia had well fought elements came to invade it. The mission orchestrated to lifelong colonize Africa was made too short following Ethiopia’s effort geared towards smashing out fascists, and the rising of almost all colonized African countries to declare independent and freedom has been attributable to the bold written Adwa victory.

Hence, global powers are always giving Ethiopia hard time citing every minor, sometimes concepts which would never hold water, to intimidate this African freedom emblem.These elements have to think out of the box and reframe their approach as it will never benefit them in the modern era. The sore of colonial grudge has to heal and dry well as Ethiopia didn’t averse the countries, but their mentality to deflower its virginity that time.

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The February 8/2022

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