When photographs speak


Have you experienced a moment that you do not need to use words at all; but communicate silently, and grasp the intended message fully and clearly?

On such cases, silence conveys volumes of messages and communicates scores of matters while words turn out to be sort of things that have little or no real value at all.

The photography exhibition that has been presented by the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPD) recently has shown this reality vividly and comprehensibly. The pictures captured and organized by Agency’s photographers from various towns and battlefields of Amhara and Afar states have communicated their audiences silently; but successfully. They also depicted the bravery of Ethiopia’s heroes and heroines.

The callous crimes committed by the traitor group (terrorist TPLF) against members of the Ethiopians National Defense Forces, Northern Command, stationed at Mekele State, the yearlong brutal attacks perpetrated on innocent civilians residing in the two states have been communicated through pictures effectively, even in a better manner than words can do.

Among others, pictures of women and children whose tears reached to the bottom of their chins and dripped onto their dresses, folded military fatigue, belt and a pair of shoes, that were worn by a soldier at the time the TPLF backstabbers betrayed and attacked their former colleagues heinously, speak a lot; and depict the level of the traitors’ meanness.

What creates more anger and bore the feeling of bitterness other than seeing trivial things written on walls using humans’ blood as ink? Sadly and embarrassingly, the rebels committed this shocking crime – they wrote something nonsense on walls using bloods of human being as ink.

“The terrorist TPLF and OLF Shene have committed devilish atrocities against our country, Ethiopia, which would be unforgettable in our history. The insurgents have perpetrated unspeakable inhuman crimes which are inconceivable by the mind of human beings, leave alone to execute them on fellow citizens, said Yeshihasab Worku Asres after she visited the exhibition.

Worst of all, innocent Ethiopians- farmers, women and children who have no a slightest idea about political affairs and even they do not know the word of politics- massacred, raped and tortured because of their ethnic identity, she added.

They abolished public facilities, massacred and gang rape women and children. Including trees, several cattle shot dead by these devils’ group.

“I have never heard of such barbarian groups either in my country or in the history of the world. The extent of their heartlessness and their crimes exceed the Lucifer, the leader of the devils.”

They did all this because they are jealous of Ethiopia and they do not want to see it prosper and grow. However, because the Almighty God is always with Ethiopia and its brave children, and truth triumphs at the end, Ethiopia has won, said Yeshihassab.

The terrorist forces have caused wide ranging destruction and harm on the country. They gang rape children and women, carried out mass executions and demolished public and private properties. With their unwise assumptions, saying they have an account they would calculate it with Amhara people; they caused harm worth billion Birr. The crimes are instances that history would not forget them at all, wrote Dr. Legesse Tulu, Minister of the Government Communication Service on a notepad prepared to have the feedback of viewers with regard to the exhibition.

As to him, junta’s inhuman and destructive acts as well as its history are well recoded through the photos.

“The Ethiopian Press Agency deserves appreciation for catching this important incident and documenting the history for the present and the generation to come,” he added.

History would be captured through camera lenses like this and the present and future generations would learn from it, historians conduct researches based on it. Equally, it teaches the dark side of war. Most importantly it describes the unwavering commitment and gallantry of Ethiopian forces. Glory to our heroes and heroines, wrote the other visitor.

True the photography exhibition organized by EPA’s photo journalists have captured the historic moment in a manner not only it would be exhibited to this generation; but also documented and transferred to the next generation.

The selfless and patriotic deeds of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, Amhara and Afar Special Forces, militias and fanos have captured. Without a single word, one can understand the level of forces’ commitment and dedication as well as the sacrifice they paid to defend the nation.

The pictures though have no a mouth to speak; they communicate silently and narrate a story for viewers.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Adem Kamil (Asst. Prof.) said that by hosting the exhibition, the EPA is discharging its responsibility of informing the public and countering disinformation campaigns. Relying on unsubstantiated sources, some international outlets have been engaging in spewing lies and distorting the global community’s perception thereby instigating the Ethiopian mainstream media’s response.

Adem told local media that many scholars and politicians of the Arab world employed their broadcast media and projected Ethiopia’s disintegration but in vain. And now, some of them have changed their minds and said Ethiopia would not be in trouble so far. “Though conspiracies against Ethiopia have been intensified, Ethiopians and the National Army have become impregnable through time,”

Ambassador Dina Mufti, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, on his part said that the exhibition displays the difficulty of the one-year journey of Ethiopians. “The exhibition clearly depicts the heroism demonstrated by our national army, militias, and by the people that have been throwing relevant support behind our forces.”

The spokesperson indicated that the exhibition also attested to the level of the destruction that has been carried out by the terrorist TPLF group and its partners in crime. Not only human beings, even animals have been slaughtered too and anyone could see the antagonism in the display.

“The level of heinous crimes committed by TPLF forces against the people of Ethiopia is unforgettable and unforgivable misery,” Ambassador Dina remarked.

The January 14/2022

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