WHO Board urged to take measures against Tedros


ADDIS ABABA—Risk Management and Ethics (CRE), the African Delegation, Ethiopian Diaspora High Level Advisory Council on COVID-19, Ethiopian Medical Association and others have requested WHO Executive Board to take appropriate measures against the current WHO Chief.

All Concerned bodies have formally requested WHO Executive Board to take measures against Tedros Adhanom (PhD)for his severe ethical violations. They have requested WHO Executive  Board to take appropriate measures in line with the aforesaid concerned bodies appeal to complete investigation of Tedros’ ethical violations.

Ethiopia, a WHO member state, has filled in a formal investigation request to the WHO Executive Board over Tedros’ conduct. An organization like WHO, whose essence is to uphold the highest ethical standards, must have leadership that reflects its fundamental values and the person it deserves.

The under signatory institutions stated that the WHO Executive Board should take actions such as the Immediately act taking the Ethiopian government quest into account, and if Tedros refuses to resign, he should be suspended from leadership post until a full investigation is completed, in the 150th session of the Executive Board from 24-29 January 2022.

Tedros Adhanom has repeatedly violated the Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO) during his tenure as Director-General of the organization. His unethical and irresponsible conduct has made a mockery of the UN flagship as his behavior completely fails to uphold the high standards of impartiality and professionalism expected of his office.

 The preamble of the WHO Constitution states that: “The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, and political belief, economic or social condition.” Tedros, who has elevated his tribal and ethnic passions over his national, human and professional responsibilities, has shamefully made exactly such a “distinction of race and political belief,” and this purely reflects how this person is unfit for the UN.

Until January 19, 2022, over 53, 900 petitioners have signed the petition requesting Tedros Adhanom’s removal.

The January 20/2022

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