WHO Chief’s explicit partiality to terrorist TPLF inflicts great damage on Amhara, Afar

ADDIS ABABA – The World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom (PhD), while frequently tweeting about Tigray, didn’t commit any word on the destruction of over 2,000 health facilities in the Amhara and Afar states by TPLF, a source closer to the issue said.

Addis Qnie, a Doctor of Medicine (MD) by profession, said in his twitter page that over the past 12 months, Tedros has tweeted dozens of times about Tigray meanwhile the number of times he tweeted about the war in Amhara and Afar is once. “How many times the WHO chief tweeted about the 2000+ health facilities destroyed by the TPLF in Amhara and Afar? He didn’t say anything. Where is the number of health facilities destroyed because of the war in Ethiopia at the Surveillance System of the WHO? Another big fat ZERO.”

The MD further stressed that the blatant abuse of the office by Tedros and the complicity of the UN in this debacle is one for the history books. “The lack of courage and integrity from Antonio Guterres to safeguard the much vaunted neutrality of the UN isn’t only disgraceful but also dangerous.”

As to him, the world needs to understand what Tedros is advocating for is not peace. The WHO Chief is advocating for his old pals to get one more shot to try and get back to power on the backs of prepubescent boys and girls. “In October 2005, Tedros was appointed as the first non-MD Health Minister in Ethiopia. His only qualification to hold the post was him being a member of  the Central Committee of the TPLF.”

The Flagship program was the deployment of 30,000 health extension workers ostensibly working to make health care ‘universally accessible.’ However, in reality the Health Extension Program was an instrument of propaganda and coercion for the EPRDF. Instead of vaccines, the HEWs distributed government leaflets. Instead of health education they went house to house preaching the gospel of Revolutionary Democracy, Addis elaborated.

“By the time he left in 2012, the ministry was a wasteland of corruption, with the health system run by incompetent TPLF cadres. Under his tutelage, we saw the WHO transform before our eyes into the procurement, propaganda and lobbying arm of the TPLF. Communication devices procured under the name of the WHO were used to unleash mayhem on Amhara and Afar civilians.”

The MD clarified that the global health crowds, the likes of Mukesh Kapila whose career and livelihoods depend on the goodwill of the Director General are already working indefatigably to further his agenda. Even The Lancet has managed to sink to the level of Tedros the Terrible.

And now, with a possible change of heart from the U.S. Government, Tedros the Terrible is undergoing a meltdown of sorts. He has divested himself of the last remaining restraints of decorum and dignity and is now using the bully pulpit of the Director General of the WHO as the propaganda desk of the TPLF. The days of cryptic tweets are gone, Addis remarked.



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