Working closely with diaspora for bright future of the nation

Some studies indicate that various developing countries in the world have utilized properly the potential of their diaspora community for various ends, especially economic development. The sources also indicate that more than a third of the educated manpower of developing countries is available in the diaspora. Therefore, the developing countries have a viable reason to devise policies and strategies to make the best use of their diaspora community.

On top of that, the immense feeling and interest of the diaspora community to either temporarily or permanently return home is also a good opportunity for developing countries to benefit from the rich potential of their diaspora community.

Though the diaspora community flock en masse to the developed world due to search for better living conditions, lack of peace … etc, experience shows that they also cherish a strong interest to resettle home at any given time.

Ethiopia is one of the countries of the world with a large number of the diaspora community in various corners of the world. But in terms of number as well as activities it still has to work a lot more to reap maximum benefit from its diaspora community.

Through the great Ethiopian homecoming challenge, many Ethiopian diaspora community members have displayed that Home is more than anything for any diaspora community member. As a result, abiding by the call of the government they flocked to their homeland in large numbers despite the deterring and dreadful fake news and propaganda campaign.

During their stay here the hundreds of diaspora from various countries have done a lot of jobs and are still doing that deemed vital of the country and their compatriots.

Among their contributions at this juncture is the visit they made to places that are affected by the conflict that followed the invasion of TPLF.

They can witness both the suffering of the people due to the massacre, destruction by the terrorist TPLF group. They were able to tune in to the feelings of the victims. They can also go beyond helping the rehabilitation.

The diaspora massive arrival and visit can also inspire them to further enhance the visitors to increase their support beyond rehabilitating the areas from impacts of war.

Indeed, the diaspora role cannot be limited to providing temporary support to victims of war and conflict. Various countries have used the potential of their diaspora community for multifaceted purposes. Among them is peacebuilding, socio-economic development, justice and image building.

Understanding their significance the government has established an agency entitled to coordinate efforts towards exploiting the potential of the diaspora along streamlining the government support to them.

Through the agency, the government has been able to provide support to the diaspora. On the other hand, the diaspora communities have also carried out an unparalleled level of contribution to their country through the agency. For instance, they have been contributing money, ideas, holding demonstrations etc to protect the interest of their nation.

More importantly, they heeded the call of the government to return home for vacation and do their best for the good of their homeland. By doing so they have discharged a good responsibility of thwarting a threat posed against the safety and dignity of the country. As can be remembered the western media have been spreading destructive news against the country that paint it as unsafe. SO the massive return of the diaspora has proved the overall heroism and national feeling of Ethiopians to the world.

Furthermore, they have contributed economically as they carried more or less some amount of foreign currency as well as a donation to their compatriots.

More than all these they have done important feats for the country and their compatriots. The future of the people needs the role of these compatriots even more. Therefore the diaspora community should take their arrival as an opportunity to pave the way for further enhancing their roles in pace building, investment, socioeconomic development, knowledge transfer .. etc.

The government should also seize the opportunity to engage in decisive talks with the diaspora on ways of figuring out the bright future of the country by working closely with the diaspora. As long as the diaspora maintains their ardent interest in their home country the ball is always in the government’s court to channel their potential for the good of the country.

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