World radio reports current humanitarian situation,TPLF’s atrocities in Amhara


ADDIS ABABA- The World public radio reported that millions of people in Amhara are still demanding food aid excluding those in Tigray and Afar states as terrorist TPLF has disrupted the harvesting season and left people without food.

It also revealed that the scars of war are still visible all around the Amhara state, Northern part of Ethiopia, which will take much longer to recover. However, if this area stays quiet, people can recover ahead of the upcoming harvest season.

On the side of the road, there are overturned military vehicles and tanks. Army trenches dug into fields, buildings destroyed by months of fighting and many places here still don’t have electricity, running water and adequate food, the report also disclosed that at a crowded Warehouse, hundreds of people rush to collect food aid.

People will carry away, large sacks of Wheat, and other grains. An 18 year old woman is still waiting for her turn. She told the news that due to the war, the harvest became small, but the aid is helping.

“The TPLF entered the Amhara state from Tigray back in summer of 2021. A manager named Mulat, who runs the aid warehouse said the center is supplying over 48,000 people with food, but that’s a fraction of the need, and we save millions of people in Amhara who needed food aid not to mention in Tigray and a neighboring Afar state where the fighting continues,” it so stated.

Minale Desalegn, 22, told that classes at his school recently resumed but he is having a tough time because he could hardly concentrate. His mind has not recovered from trauma caused by the conflict.

His sister, her husband and their four-year-old child were killed by the mortar hitting their home in the middle of the night. Even now there is no roof on the building. Everyone in the house died Minale says except his young nephew, thirteen-year-old boy. His nephew needs medical treatment, but that is something they can’t afford.

A religious father who stayed with this media said several houses were destroyed, even a church was about to be totally damaged. He said that he kept his religious school open, even when there was fighting by praying and hoping God will bring peace and that people will be patient.

Most people, in Amhara state want this war to end soon. They are hoping for peace. Multiple attempts for mediation have failed and as the conflict continues, people feel fear, anger, and hate.

The other victim also said his house was partially destroyed by a mortar shell explosion, his core relatives were killed.

He felt safe when the federal government retook the place, but he has now seen military forces leaving the area, Besides, he is not in a good mood as his daughter and many others died following the conflict.

The March 8/2022

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