Yesteryear crucial for Ethiopia to screen friends, foes



ADDIS ABABA – The U.S. and its allies’ stance over Ethiopia’s response to the terrorist TPLF-triggered war has helped the latter to discern between friends and foes, according to a renowned political analyst.

In an exclusive interview with The , the political analyst Ephrem Madebo said the biased and politically motivated stance of Western countries and their institutions over the past year has made it clear that the developing world needs a new political order. It also made clear which country or organization Ethiopia should partner with based on its long-term national interests.

Ephrem further opined that the Western countries and their institutions, including the so-called human rights organizations, do not care about anyone, especially Third World Countries. “They have shown this behavior on several occasions. The world has seen what the West has done to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and others.”

“They are now coordinating all efforts to repeat this in Ethiopia,” he noted, adding that the reason for all this pressure on Ethiopia is to keep the nation and its leader under the control of the West. In an unprecedented manner, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has convened more than 12 times on Ethiopia’s issues.

The United States and some members of the European Union (EU) have made repeated attempts to intervene in Ethiopia’s internal affairs through the UNSC. However, these foreign forces have been unable to achieve their goals due to opposition from Russia, China, and India and other members of the council.

As to the political analyst, each time these countries meet in the UNSC, they raise the issue that the Ethiopian government is committing human rights abuses against the innocent people of Tigray. “While these forces have been convening in the Council for so long, they have said nothing about the TPLF’s atrocities in Amhara and Afar and that the TPLF is obstructing the delivery of humanitarian aid to Tigray.”

Ephrem stressed that the West does not dare to say anything when they think the TPLF has gotten the upper hand in the military engagement. But when they think the TPLF is losing, they offer a peace talk. They also begin to falsely accuse the Ethiopian government of human rights abuses.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) endorsed a resolution to establish international experts to investigate the alleged rights abuses in Ethiopia by rejecting the joint investigation report of the UN entity – Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights – and Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), he said, adding that this shows that the main purpose of the members of the UNHRC is to prepare a false investigation report that will enable them to falsely accuse the Ethiopian government of committing human rights abuses.

As to him, since the beginning of the war, lots of reports have been coming out that the Western countries and institutions are strong supporters of the terrorist TPLF. “Particularly, the U.S. through its organizations has been providing various supports to the terrorist group”.

He also reflected that the U.S. has repeatedly been echoing the word “human rights abuses” and “genocide” to rationalize its intervention in another country. If the United States is really concerned about human rights violations, it should have denounced the worst violator of human rights in Africa, the terrorist TPLF group, he noted.

The January 1/2022

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